Why is Employee well-being so important?

The company is a complicated machine for which your employees are the functional parts. Ensuring their well-being, in turn, assures the smooth operation of the company. An emotionally and physically sound employee has more motivation and passion to forth their best work. Well-being extends into all the activities and practices that aim to improve an employee’s physical and mental health.

Skyrocketing Engagement and Productivity

Only a mentally and physically sound person can give their all to their job. This can be in the form of incentives (financial well-being), short breaks (Mental well-being), or even physical well-being. The intrinsic motivation and passion of the employees are bound to jump through hoops once their well-being is guaranteed.

No Nightmare of sudden Holiday Requests

How often have you gritted your teeth before a deadline due to a sudden request for an emergency leave? The relationship between an employer and an employee is based on mutual needs. You cannot expect your employee to reach their best potential if you are not doing your best for them. A healthy work environment motivates your employee to check in daily (and on time!).

“Scratch my back and I will scratch yours”

A resilient team bonds together during a crisis. From having a counselor to comfort the employees during their difficult times to workshops that help them cope both personally and professionally, every step you take for the betterment of your employees comes around for the company. Preparing your employee to deal with unexpected losses or events will help build team resilience. It also ensures that your company’s interest will be its priority.

Dominating the Employer Market

How often have you turned down a job or skipped an interview? Is it primarily due to a negative word in the market about your employer? Gone are those times when a job was a necessity. It’s a choice now. Having a good name within the market sphere leads to more vital employer branding with more companies than employees. The salary, how you treat your employees, and how much the employees enjoy your work environment will help keep a positive influence on the market. This will help attract the best people from any field and have longer retention rates.

With the prevailing COVID situation, 78% of employees have continued with companies that have kept employee welfare as their priority. Many other companies faced significant losses and were unable to bear the brunt of severance packages and eventually shut down. The well-being culture concerning your employees is not a choice but the need for an hour. Establishing this is the first pillar to longer retention, increased productivity, and the best approach for the overall betterment of the company.

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