Reasons why Tech Candidates Decline your offer?

Hiring managers can affirm the fact that tech candidates are slippery as eels. They may attend your interview but then decline your offer. Many companies often pursue the same candidate of cultural to professional differences, making it highly crucial to convince the candidate to choose you. As is often said, the best way to succeed is to find our flaws and fix them. Finding the reasons why the tech candidates decline your offer will help you keep them committed to your team.

Their Wish is your Command

With the emergence of IT as one of the leading industries, candidates focus on flexible working hours, working remotely, maximum perks and benefits, and an attractive pay scale. Further, your reimbursement options, insurance, and health care all play a role in determining if the candidate should choose your company. With competitiveness over the roof, candidates select the option best suited for them. Thus making packages which are satisfactory to all employees are essential.

Too much or Too few Challenges

The tech industry requires smart work, not hard work. And sometimes smart work does not equal easy work! In short, providing the right amount of challenges to keep your candidate on their toes is important. Hardcore developers enjoy a challenge that pushes them to upskill their current knowledge tech stack challenges but not those requiring too much effort for little output. Hence hiring managers tend to lose their way in the whirlpool of ‘here’s what we need’ instead of ‘here’s what you want’. To increase the responsibility quotient by choice, involve brainstorming sessions and challenging ideas.

Is your company Keeping your Candidate Happy?

Gone are those days when people worked in the same company for years despite the low pay and rough treatment. Motivated employees focus on their happiness as well as their professional growth. Your company may be reputed, but you can bid the candidates goodbye if it has too lengthy a selection process or a hostile culture. Introducing fun employee weekend activities, a company tour by HR, guidelines on paid leave, a friendly work environment, cooperative teammates, or simply considering your new employee’s suggestion goes a long way. The best tech candidates are usually off the market as soon as they are in, so long interviews and a complicated selection process drive away candidates because they’re sworn to better and faster options.

Personal Goals = Company Values

Many technical employees often crib about the long working hours, which hamper their time to achieve their personal goals. Overworking the employees can lead to a drop in motivation, quality of work, and, ultimately, leaving the company. Can we really blame them for it? The answer is no because many companies expect an unexceptional combination of skillset from the employees. This messes up the quorum of personal goals due to the non-alignment with the company values. Candidates prefer working for a company or with a team that supports their beliefs and views. Effective communication can help retain your employees

Finding a middle ground between the employer and the candidates is of utmost importance. Once that code is cracked (pun intended), you’ll be seeing a lot of your candidates accepting offers to your company!

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