How to manage your Remote Development Team?

How to Manage your Remote Development Team?

Finding your dream team within the same city or even country can be a bit of a crunch. And so, extending outside your regional limits may require you to assemble a remote development team. If you’re an introvert, the remote team is THE DREAM. Isn’t it? However, managing the team, not so much. Managing the team requires more attention and concentration to keep them all on the same page, literally and figuratively. These tips may render your job a tad bit easier.

Your Goals should be their Goals

Communicating the company and the product’s vision to your team will ensure their complete dedication to the company. When your team works remotely, the conviction to work hard may tend to falter due to a lack of personal reinforcement. So keeping the team interested in the company goals helps them see the personal side of the goal, and when things become personal, they are worked upon better. Aren’t they?

Interlocked Work Schedules

Rotational work shifts can be employed so that teams working in two different time zones can sync their work and ensure quick communication enabling us to reach the deadlines faster. The teams either work from a standard offshore office or a virtual workspace via work from home. Impediments like time difference, rigid work hours, and lack of communication hinder the team’s progress. Thus, interlocking the work schedules is of paramount importance.

Effective Communication

There is no such thing as ‘over communication’ within a remotely working team from virtual workplaces to text messages and even face time calls. It helps to add the human element to the team and helps build a real relationship. Having a personal relationship with the members ensures their professional and individual progress. Taking short 15-minute breaks allows the members to catch up and bond. Right communication helps the team function as a single unit. The quality of the work, as well as the moods of the employees, is drastically boosted.

Keep the Work in Check (Yes, Quality and Quantity)

Often, remote teams are treated as backup development and are given minimal work. If anything, offshore teams or employees working remotely are loaded with more work. It is often assumed that the quality of their work isn’t up to the mark. Their work often goes unchecked, and the lack of feedback reduces the quality of the work. Due to the lack of physical connection, the remote members feel distant from the leading team. Handing over secondary tasks and responsibilities to the remote team shows you extending your support to them. You can include the concept of 2 – 3 catch-up calls so that the manager will know what the team is up to and how to pace work and advise teammates whenever stuck.

It’s not your “Remote” Team but your TEAM

They treat your remote team like your physical colleagues instead of just a virtual workspace. Establishing the identity of we vs them is essential. Treat them like they are a part of the team. A shared identity amongst the team members keeps the company’s image and the quality of its surface top-notch.

The remote development team has its pros and cons. Both cost-efficient, flexible, and a reservoir of talent, make the most of your remote team. Focusing on the pros and working on its weak point will ensure smooth functioning.

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