How to Build an Effective Rapport with your New Hires ?

The COVID pandemic converted most workplaces into virtual spaces. As the companies realized that the pandemic was here to stay, all processes, including recruitment were shifted online. It’s a common misconception that job seekers sometimes have that the employment process is completed when they receive the offer letter. But is it so? To simplify, it’s not. The onboarding process is one of the most crucial steps that companies use to acquaint the new employees with the company’s environment and, in this case, the virtual workspace.

Effective onboarding has many advantages, from boosting the employees’ morale to smooth transition amongst the new and old hires and even increasing the chances of employee retention. The usual tradition for onboarding employees in various companies involves a customary dinner or game night, but the virtual space has made it harder for people to connect. People are unconnected while their computers are connected. The irony, isn’t it? And so, today, we will discuss ways by which new hires can be onboarded effectively as they work remotely. 

First Impression = Best Impression

Giving a positive environment to your new employee begins by making them both comfortable and confident. To make them comfortable, you can start with an impromptu introduction session. In contrast, you can make them feel confident in themselves and the company by sending them information about the company and upcoming works. These first impressions play a significant role and help the employee genuinely become a part of the company.

Keep Connected

Whether on our phones or WIFI or even on social media, we constantly stay connected from the moment we wake up. Remember to add the new hires to your WhatsApp group (yes, even the unofficial one where you can rant about your boss). Further, it would help if you also remembered to keep connected with them over messaging apps, intranet workspace, video conferencing, or any new tools to get them acquainted with the company’s culture.

Professional and Personal Growth (Yes, It’s a Balance!)

While your employee is definitely on board for professional growth, providing opportunities for personal growth helps them connect to the company emotionally, thus assuring a successful onboarding process, the simplest way would be to present them with a personalized welcome video as well as an orientation in which the employees can share their professional and personal goals, you can then communicate the goals of the company, thus corroborating the two and providing a constructive space. 

Yes, they are a part of the Team

Making the new hire feel like a part of the team grows a long way. Let him in on the office gossip, and the familiar traditions and encourage activities like collaborative learning. Such activities will serve to bridge the gap between the old and new employees as well as get acquainted with the seniors and mingle within the departments. Creating a shared sense of collective belonging will help the employees deal with the ‘imposter syndrome’ and feel like a part of the team. The most common method is gifting merchandise like pencil holders or mouse pads which are common among employees. IF they are a part of the team, make them feel like it.

In the globalized world where people have multiple opportunities, they are inclined towards a space where they are rewarded both financially and emotionally. An effective onboarding process will satisfy their apprehensions about the new job, thus helping them psychologically, leading to more effective work output. 

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